Valentines Day at The Boston Wine Expo

Wednesday, February 17, 2016

This year's Boston Wine Expo was a BLAST. Last year, Britt and I went to the Boston Wine Expo with our best friends and fellow bloggers from over at, Sean and Marie. We only did one day last year and it was incredible. The amount of wine and food samples you are able to try is simply amazing and the quality is astounding. We were able to try wines from all over the world, including Lebanon, Israel, and Moldova. We really enjoyed one of the Israeli wines from the Tulip label not only because of the flavor but because of how it's made. An excerpt from their website
"The Winery, which integrates the production of quality wines with social responsibility, is located on a mountainside in Kfar Tikva (Village of Hope), a small pastoral settlement whose population consists of people with special needs."

This year, Britt and I decided to do both days and it was a great decision. Having the two days sets up for a more relaxed experience and one we thoroughly enjoyed. The first day we spent an equal amount of time in the wine as we did in the food space. Britt called me over to Tilton Farms, a food stand with all sorts of fruits and vegetables for cocktails. They had an incredible black cherry, Bada Bing, that would taste perfect in an Old-Fashioned. (If you follow us on Twitter or Instagram, you know that I now KNOW they taste perfect in an Old-Fashioned) Then there was a dairy free apple dessert and cider donuts from Jennifer Lee's Gourmet Bakery which my lactose-intolerant wife was very excited about and they were delicious. They specialize in baking items for people with all types of food allergies. 

Britt had a lot of the food at the wine expo. It's no secret that she is a big foodie, and gets really excited about trying new things. She is adventurous with food and will try everything once. She loves sushi. This year the expo had Sushi on the Saturday. It was delicious, and some of the best sushi she has ever had. There was also a pulled pork station on Saturday. They had two different kinds of sauces, and both were delicious. She tried pate, which is a food she hadn't had in a long time. There were 3 kinds at the station, and only one didn't have cream in it. But it was pretty good! One thing she did learn that she did not like, was Foie Gras. YUCK!

The Cabot Cheese table was a hit for Brittany. She LOVES Cabot. We buy Cabot often, and we took the opportunity to tell the table how much we love their product. Most of Cabot's blocks of cheese are lactose free. Usually her favorite is the bacon cheddar, but at the expo she really enjoyed the dill cheddar. YUM!

Yancy Fancy was also a great table. Brittany had a sample of different flavors of cheese including buffalo, onion, and her favorite, wasabi. This table was very popular! There was a constant line on Sunday, but it was pretty easy to wiggle to the front on Saturday. 

We had some amazing popcorn from Corn and Co. (Britt wrote a review of their caramel popcorn here). Britt also got a chance to sample olive and truffle oil from Tre Olive. Tre Olive is a company founded by a couple of brothers who are bringing their olive and truffle oil from their grandfather's farm in Italy. We will be writing up a review of the Lemon Olive Oil we bought at the Expo as soon as I make Britt swordfish again.  

We tried all sorts of wines like Rioja, German Riesling, an incredible Cabernet Franc from Uruguay (Prima Donna), Canadian ice wine from Maple Creek Winery, and there were so many more. We had an amazing time meeting great people, sampling wine and food with our friends, and learning more about wines from regions we never knew were known for producing wine. 

Britt and I were pointed towards one of the Expo's Trending Wines, a red blend, 2010 Batuko Alchemy from Chile. This was one of our favorite wines that we tasted at the Wine Expo. It was a complex wine that continued to provide different tastes throughout the sip. It is a blend of Cabernet Sauvignon, Syrah and Carmenere. 

We got to take some great pictures of ourselves with our favorite presidential candidates or celebrities at the Troublemaker kissing booth, check out some nice Infinity cars and SUVs, and walked away with some awesome shot therapy heartburn and hangover shots. 

Thanks to Sean and Marie for introducing us to this awesome event, thanks to all the great people we met, and thanks to the Boston Wine Expo for making it all happen. Can't wait to do it all again next year! If you'd like to see more pictures, check out our Instagram account @BackpackingBritts!

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