2017 Boston Wine Expo

Wednesday, February 22, 2017

The Boston Wine Expo has been a yearly event that we have looked forward to for three years now. Our first Wine expo was in 2015 when we went for one day with our friends from @chocoandwine. We loved our experience, and went back for both days in 2016, realizing that there was so much wine to be drank. We had also just started our travel blog, and wrote about the event here. We loved having the full two days, so this year, we booked both days again. Each time, we have gone with our friends Marie and Sean from @Chocoandwine

This year did not disappoint. There were a couple differences this year. One difference was that they didn't make people line up this year. They allowed people to go downstairs and hang out down by the convention center instead of waiting upstairs in a long line. This made the flow of the event so much easier, and there was no stress getting in. 

There was a lot of good wine this year, but Derek and I definitely had our favorites. 

Barossa Valley Estate from Australia was there with three great wines: a Cabernet Sauvignon, a Grenache Shiraz Mourvedre, and a Shiraz. All of the wines were strong, but I particularly liked the Cab, as it had a perfect blend of oak and vanilla flavors. Derek, in particular, liked the Grenache. It was a bit jammy and was very full flavored. We figured out that we could get this wine near us in wine and liquor stores. 

Laureate Imports Company was also there from some amazing wines from Slovenia. The reps were extremely friendly and convinced us both that Slovenia needs to go on our travel bucket list. All of the wines were delicious, but the bottle that stuck out at the table was Fritz, which is a sweet bubbly with Elder flower and Lime. This bottle needs to get to the states soon, it will be a hit! It was sweet, but not overly sweet, and had the perfect amount of bubbles to my liking. There was nothing else like it at the Expo. 

Greek Wine Cellars was also a table full of amazing wine. We tried a couple wines, but really liked their bottle from Santorini. We spoke to the rep about our trip to Greece. He was Greek himself, and had many great stories from Greece. He told us that we need to get back to Greece and got to Mykonos. 

Georgia had a pretty good representation at the Expo this year, much more than last year. The wine from Kartuli Vazi was very good. The 2005 Sapervavi was delicious. 

The Tbilvino table was also very good. The Saperavi was also very good at this table.  The wines are very light from Georgia, and I find them easy to drink. Derek liked that the wine wasn't too acidic, especially the whites! This may be due to the fact that they age some of their wines in clay pots in the ground. 

Italy represented with Amastuola Wines. The Capocanale was my favorite, but the Vignatorta made of Syrah and Primitivo was also good. The best part about the wines is that they were all organic. This made the wines taste extremely clean. You could taste the difference between these organic wines and the other wines at the Expo. 

As for Chilli, we really enjoyed Concha y Toro Grand Reserva, a Cabernet Sauvignon. This was one of the first wines that we tried at the Expo, but we noted that the complexity of the oak and vanilla made it a good "cigar smoking" wine.  

Our favorite table at the Expo was the Adega de Borba, LGL Imports table. We love wines from Portugal, especially after our trip to Lisbon in 2015. There were many star bottles at this table. The premium was one of our favorites, made with Trincadeira, Touriga Nacional, Alicante Bouschet and Cabernet Sauvignon. This wine was very good and perfectly balanced. However, our favorite bottle at the table was the Reserva. It had a deep red flavor, rich in berry. The bottle was also beautifully decorated with a label made out of cork, which we thought was great branding. We had so much fun at this table, speaking with the rep and talking about Portugal. We were so excited about this wine and the event that we had to cheers! 

There were also some non-wine tables that deserve a shout out. The Banane at the Hine Cognac table was out of this world. I need to get a bottle of this. It had a rich banana flavor that was not artificial. It is very complex, and I can imagine myself making cocktails with this in the future. 

Another delicious favorite was the Fishers Island Lemonade. This is a hard lemonade made with whisky and Vodka. The lemonade itself was good, but the Hot Toddy they made with it was even more impressive. It tasted thickly of cinnamon, and helped my cold that I was developing to heal. We took a recipe card, hoping to make it the next time I'm sick. 

We also loved the Scotch Whisky table, The Glenroths. It was ridiculously good. I'm not a huge whisky drinker, Derek is, but I actually really liked the Bourbon Cask Reserve. It had hints of vanilla and coconut, and tasted like a dessert. Now that is a whisky that I can get behind! It was really easy to drink. Derek really liked the Sherry Cask Reserve, which was a bit citrusy, and the sherry flavor was perfect. 

There were also many good food tables at the event. Cavedoni Balsamic was there and gave me a full flight of their balsamic. The truffle was out of this world, but I also really liked the San Lorenzo, which was oaky. 

Our friend Jennifer Lee was also there. Jennifer Lee specializes in allergen friendly baked goods. I like them because they are vegan, so I don't have to worry about the lactose from the dairy. This year, Jennifer Lee had these delicious chocolate chip tea cakes with her. They were to die for! 

Tre Olive was also there. We have loved this company since we saw them at the Boston Wine Expo last year. We bought some of their lemon olive oil and made a swordfish with it that was out of this world. I knew I needed to get their truffle oil this year, as I regretted not getting it last year. We got a chance to chat with the guys a bit, and I did buy some of the truffle oil. 

Pasta Chips were also a delicious treat. These literally tasted like pasta in chip form, almost like lasagna! I tried the Rosemary and Garlic Olive Oil ones of the first day, but on the second day I went back for more and grabbed the Marinara and the Spinach, Broccoli, Kale. 

Yancy Fancy was also there and brought back their amazing Wasabi Cheese from last year. Their onion cheese was also good, but I was too late when I went to buy some cheese to snag it. I went home with the Wasabi, Champagne, and Buffalo.  

John Wm. Macy's Sweet Sticks were out of this world. Derek really liked the chocolate ones and the cinnamon ones. I really liked the Madagascar Vanilla ones. We ended up buying all three boxes! 

We really enjoyed going to the Wine Expo this year, and we hope to continue the tradition and attend next year. Two days is definitely the way to do it if you want a chance to taste more of the wines and try all of the amazing food that is there. Derek and I talked about possibly trying to get a VIP ticket or Vintner's Lounge ticket next year so that we can try something a little different and have something new to write about in our blog. 

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