2017 Rhode Island Brew Fest

Thursday, February 09, 2017

Derek and I were invited by friends to the 2017 Rhode Island Brew Festival. We were pretty excited to try some local Rhode Island beers. Derek and I have been to a couple of beer festivals; some good, some not so good. We were looking forward to see how this one compared.

The 2017 Rhode Island Brew Festival exceeded all of our expectations. Located in the old Armory in Pawtucket, there was plenty of room for tons of vendors. We compared this beer festival to the Bearded Brew Fest in Portland, ME, a festival we really loved, that you can read about here on our blog.

What we liked most about the festival is that they capped tickets. The lines for beer were not long at all. The most people I had in front of me at a time was 3 people. Although there were a lot of people, we were easily able to move from table to table without knocking into anyone or spilling!

They also set up a section of the large room for restrooms. This section was filled with porta potties, equipped with hand sanitizer and hand washing stations. The porta potties stayed pretty clean, and the lines moved really quickly.

In addition to beer, there were also a couple other vendors. Some to note are: Beard and Comb, where Derek purchased a beard comb and beard balm for, and Fox Point Pickling, where I purchased, and devoured a delicious spicy pickle on a stick. My personal favorite was Newport Jerky Company, in which I bought Alpaca Jerky from. The Jerky was sweet, and a favorite among our group of friends. My friends bought gator, rabbit, buffalo, kangaroo, boar, pork, and venison jerky. They were all delicious.

Now, let's talk about the beers.

There were so many Rhode Island breweries represented at the event. Whalers, Foolproof, Revival, and others were all there representing the state. Out of state vendors also made an appearance, including: Downeast Cider, Smuttynose, and Wormtown.

Derek and I both like different types of beers. He loves IPAs and I love sours, and anything with a unique or fruit flavor. So, we will share with you a few that each us liked.

Brittany's Top Choices from the 2017 Rhode Island Brew Fest: 

Barnburner by Lookout Farm. This was a habanero hard cider. I will be on the lookout for this cider in the stores. It definitely was hot enough to clear my sinuses, but had a slight sweetness to it. It was delicious.

Blueberry Cinnamon by Downeast Cider. This cider was unlike anything else I have had before. It was thick, jammy, and almost smoothy-like. At first, I wasn't sure about it's consistency, but I liked how it was different than everything else, and I love the company in general anyway. Read about our private tour with Downeast on our blog here.

Sport Kiwi White by Mighty Squirrel. This beer was delicious. It was crisp and light and very easy to drink. It had a slight kiwi taste that wasn't too sweet and overpowering. Even Derek liked it, and he doesn't go for the fruity stuff!

Choklat Oranj by Southern Tier. This beer tasted like hot chocolate with a twist of orange. It was basically dessert in a cup. It was delicious, and smooth. I would love this with some vanilla ice cream.

Nova by Whalers. I need to check this brewery out! I love sours, and this one was amazing. It has a pink color to it and tastes of sweet raspberries. I could drink this sour all day.

Red Velvet on Nitro by Ballast Point. Oh my goodness, I didn't know cupcakes could come in beer form. This was a hit amongst our whole group as it was smooth and not overly sweet. I want more of this beer, and I want it now.

Derek's Top Choices from the 2017 Rhode Island Brew Fest: 

Nu Skool by Southern Tier. This is an IPA. It was really clean. The hop profile was great, and you could pick out the hop flavors.

Tangerine IPA by Stone Brewing Company. I even liked this IPA. It was fruity and crisp and light.

Tips and Tricks:
-Take a ride, and get a ride back. We rented a party bus, and it was amazing. We didn't have to worry about anyone driving.
-Buy your tickets early, the event sold out quickly!
- Make a pretzel necklace. We made them, and it was the best thing ever when we were trying beers. There is some food, and the pretzel necklaces made it easy to snack.

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