Chill Kitchen and Bar: Marlborough, MA

Tuesday, February 21, 2017

We recently discovered Chill Kitchen and Bar in Marlborough, MA. We had been wanting to try it out for a while, but we noticed they only had a grilled cheese on the lunch menu and not the dinner menu, and we hadn't had a free weekend off in a while (if you didn't know, Derek is picky and only orders grilled cheese and fries). We finally got a day off, and decided to stop by Chill to see what it was all about. We had heard they had been on Phantom Gourmet, so we were pretty excited. 

We immediately liked the ambiance of the restraunt. It was pretty modern, and I loved the metal letters over the bar. Derek and I chose to sit in the bar area, where they have a couple booth/chair combo tables. 

Our waitress was probably one of the best servers we have had. She was extremely nice, and we got very good customer service the whole time. We asked about beers, and noticed they had a really good beer selection. Derek ordered a beer from Maine beer, and I ordered a sour. 

For food, Derek ordered a grilled cheese and I ordered a 1/2 chicken salad sandwich and cup of chili. When the chili came to the table, it had sour cream on it. The waitress was super nice about it and took it back to the kitchen to get a new one, even though it was my fault for not mentioning my lactose intolerance. 

The food was extremely good. The chili was some of the best I have had in a restraunt, and the bread on the sandwich was buttery and delicious. Derek loved his grilled cheese sandwich. 

When we went to leave, we were given a $10 off coupon. We thought that was pretty awesome, and a great way to get customers back in, especially for a newer restraunt. The waitress also told us that Derek could ordered the grilled cheese any time of day. She said they work a lot with customers who have allergies or food restrictions, and they are willing to customize dishes to what you need. 

We have gone back to chill 3 times since then. We took our friends to brunch that following weekend. We ordered mimosas. I got the Veggie Extreme Omelet and Derek got the Chill Pancakes. Both were amazing. I loved the amount of avocado in the omelet. 

The next two times, we went for dinner. Chill is conveniently located near our laundromat, and since we hate doing laundry with a passion, we break up the time by going to dinner during the drying cycle.  Derek got the grilled cheese both time. I ordered the Beef Tips and the Salmon Burger. The beef tips were cooked to my liking. I got the baked potato plain, and the veggies were delicious. I had enough to only eat half and bring the rest home for a second meal. The Salmon burger was moist and flavorful. I loved the aioli on top of it. 

We will definitely be back to Chill. The food is good, the customer service is great, and it helps to make doing laundry bearable! 

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