Downeast Cider Part II: East Boston Taproom

Friday, February 17, 2017

If you read our last post about Downeast Cider, you know we love them. Back in May of last year, we went to visit the  taproom, via an invite from Max, the taproom manager. Tyler, one of the owners was also there to greet us, and he and Max gave us a tour of the tap room. It was an awesome experience, and we left with a ton of cider to enjoy!

At that time, the guys talked to us about how they were moving to a bigger tasting room. It took us a while to get there, but we finally made our way to the new taproom in East Boston

Wow, this new Taproom is HUGE. We loved it. It is in a big open warehouse building. The bar is located right on the tasting room floor, in the middle of all the workings of the cider house. I love breweries and cidereies that allow the tasters to see all of the workings of the product. I think it's neat to be able to look around and see where the product came from and how it was made.

We sat at the bar, and had a really kind employee named Eric serve us. He was super friendly, and stuck with us our whole visit, chatting about the new products and the the new location. One of the things that we like so much about Downeast cider is the customer service. We loved having a server who legit cared to get to know us. When we started talking about our travel and our blog, Chloe, another server, came over and was also talking to us. She was really interested in hearing about our Budapest trip, somewhere she has always wanted to go. I think she was convinced after we spoke to her! Chloe, show your mom this post, Budapest is the safest city we have ever traveled to :) Let us know if you need help booking your trip!

Derek and I both tried a flight. Usually, Derek isn't overly adventurous with flights and I am. However, at Downeast, we both ended up with the same flight, which never happens. We both tried 4: Maple Blend, Cider Beer, Aloha Friday! and Bourbon Barell Aged Batch #14.

Oh my goodness, all 4 were so good!

The Maple blend was very delicious, and close to the fall blend we have had previously before. I loved that it had a strong maple taste, but it wasn't too overly sweet. This would be delicious served with brunch of pancakes and bacon.

The Cider Beer was Derek's favorite. It was a perfect balance of cider and beer taste. I feel like this is a good transition drink for people who are beer drinkers and aren't too into cider. It's easy to drink, and would be an awesome beverage to watch sports.

The Aloha Friday! was my favorite. In was such an amazing summer beverage, but I liked drinking it in the winter because it made me feel like it was summer. I can picture myself sitting in my back yard next to a grill with this one. It was crisp, and sweet, and the pineapple taste was perfect, and not artificial tasting. Swoon.

The Bourbon Barrel Aged Batch #14 was a close second for both of us. The bourbon taste to the beer was out of this world, and I could see me drinking next to a warm fire. I love the taste of bourbon, but don't like the burn of actual bourbon, so this was perfect for me.

While we sipped on our flight, we overheard a story a woman next to us was telling her server. This woman is probably one of Downeast Cider's biggest fans. She had driven to the old brewery for a release, though I can't remember which one now. However, she couldn't get to the brewery because the traffic was SO bad going into the city, due to Bunker Hill Day. She emailed the company to ask if they could somehow hold some for her. The next day, she got home, and the cider she had asked about was on the steps. Downeast Cider had driver to her house, and dropped some off for her.

Now THAT is customer service at it's finest people. I love hearing stories like that about a company.

Before leaving, we got a chance to talk to Max, the taproom manager who took us on the tour the first time. He remembered us, which I thought was pretty cool. Again, the customer service in this company is amazing. He asked us about our travel, and we got a good chance to talk about the expansion of the business and the new location. He sent us home with a Growler of Aloha Friday! which was such an amazing gesture.

We will continue to swear by this company and drink their product. I love Downeast cider, not only because of their awesome product, but because they make you feel like you are part of your family when you visit there.

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