Fore River Brewing Company: South Portland, ME

Wednesday, March 01, 2017

Fore River Brewing company is a small, quaint brewery located outside of the hustle and bustle of South Portland, Maine. When you drive up, it looks like a barn. There is an outside fenced in yard, where it looks like they play corn hole. We were there in the winter, so there were Christmas lights hanging in the rafters and a Christmas tree in the ceiling. Inside is decorated almost like an unfinished barn. It was warm, and there were a couple tables with a small bar and a very small brewing room. I liked that it was pretty chill, and it felt like winter drinking.

Derek tried one beer, and I tried two. I got tastings of the Pleasentdale Pale and Spurwink.

Pleasantdale was hoppy. It had hints of lemongrass, honey, and elder flower. It was very much a spring time beer. I gave it a 3.75/5 on Untaped.

Spurwink had the taste of black coffee. It was slightly spicy. I though it was a decent beer and gave it a 3.75 on Untaped.

The beers were pretty decent. I would like to go back again in the summer where we can drink outside and play corn hole. I liked that it was away from the craziness of downtown Portland, and it was a more quiet, private brewery experience.

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