Barreled Souls: Saco, ME

Wednesday, May 03, 2017

I tried Barreled Souls' beer at the Bearded Brew Fest in Portland, Maine back in March 2016. I instantly loved the beer, and marked it as one of my favorite beers at the brewfest. Since trying it, I wanted to visit the brewery. We finally got a chance to during our staycation over Christmas break. 

Barelled Souls runs out of a basement in what looks like is a big house. The brewery was pretty small, though I wasn't sure if there was more upstairs. The tasting room was really tiny, but cozy. With just a small bar, one bartender, a couple tables, and a shuffleboard table, it was a pretty cool atmosphere. 

I had been waiting to go all day to this brewery, so I indulged and got a flight of four beers. I chose to get Rosalita, Eat a Peach, Space Gose, and Dark Matter w/ Chocolate and Coconut- Rum Barrel Aged. 

The Rosealita was a dark rose color. It tasted of rose hips and agave. It was sweet and tangy at the same time. I liked it, and thought it was pretty easy to drink. I rated it a 4.25/5 on Untaped. 

Eat a Peach was pretty delicious also. It had a light peach flavor, that was natural and not that overly sweet artificial peach taste. It was also flowery, which I like as a characteristic of beer. I rated it a 4.25 on Untaped. 

Space Gose was also good, though not as good as the two previous beers. It tasted like roses and salty sea water. It had a slight honey finish to it also. I gave it a 3.75 on Untaped. 

If you want to try dessert in a glass, get the Dark Matter w/ Chocolate and Coconut. It was heavy, so I had a hard time finishing it. It tasted very chocolaty and coconutty. I gave it a 4 on Untaped. 

I really liked Barreled Souls, and wish we had had more time to kick back and relax there. This is definitely a sip and enjoy type of brewery, and you shouldn't feel rushed to drink and get out of there. If you have a good hour or two to kill, I totally recommend going here! 

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