Portland, Oregon

Monday, July 03, 2017

In April, we went to visit Derek's sister and her wife in Eugene. We had to fly in and out of Portland, so on the last two days of our trip, we decided to explore the city. 

All I knew about Portland before going is that there was a TV show about it and there was a lot of good beer and food trucks. Portland met up to the expectations of beer and food, but it was so much more than that. 

Day 1
We started to make our way towards Portland, knowing that we were going to make a couple pit stops along the way. The first was Block 15 in Corvallis. The food was pretty good. I had the thai shrimp rolls and Parmesan fries. The shrimp was native to Oregon, and was SO tiny! The food was tasty. I had a sampler, and liked the beer there. 

When we pulled into Portland, we went straight to Great Notion Brewing Company.I really liked the decor of the brewery, it was ecletic, and exactly how I pictured breweries in Portland to be. I tried a couple beers, some from the brewery and some visiting beers. The beer that really stuck out above the rest was the Blueberry Muffin Sour. Oh my goodness, it tasted EXACTLY like biting into a blueberry muffin. One of my favorite beers ever. And, their tasting board was in the shape of Oregon, SO cute. 

After our bellies were full with beer, we checked into our hotel. The Mark Spencer Hotel was an amazing stay. When we arrived, we were upgraded to a suite, which was amazing. The room was stunning, and we were so happy we chose to stay in the hotel. We had our two queen beds, a kitchenette, and a little separate living room area with a pull out couch. The hotel was centered between all the amazing places that Portland had to offer. We were within walking distance of downtown, the water, and many breweries and restaurants. We definitely recommend you stay here. 

After checking in, we took a walk through the Pearl District and Downtown Portland. We went into a few little shops. We got a feel for the city, and scoped out places we would eat and drink later in our visit. 

We walked past this really cool little spot called the Green Room. I wanted to go in right away, but we kept walking. Something kept drawing me back to it, so we went back to grab a drink, reading up about it and finding out they made excellent cocktails. When we went back, we asked for a table and they took us instead upstairs to the Multnomah Whiskey Library. I was a little disappointed at first, because the Green Room looked so cool, but when we walked into the library, I gasped. 

I have NEVER been to a bar like this before. It was an old Gatsby style gentlemen's club styled library. However, instead of books, the floor to ceiling shelves, lining the entire back two walls of the place, were filled with booze. I didn't know that many types of liquor existed! They had EVERYTHING. 

We sat down at a table and read through thick menus with hundreds of liqueurs and pages of craft cocktails. Derek ordered a classic Old Fashioned and I ordered a Wildwood Trail which according to their website has "volstead vodka, cocchi americano, clear creek douglas fir, st-germain, rosemary." The server went and got all the ingredients and made the drinks right in front of us on an old fashioned cart. I felt truly like the upper class. The cocktails were delicious. It's a moment I will never forget. 

The dark lighting made it terribly hard to get photos. 

We were hankering for some dinner. While walking around we had seen a place that looked cool, almost like a pinup style cafeteria. Tilt offered a really different atmosphere. The menu was pretty simple, but we liked the order and sit feel. I got a BLT and a Good Life Brewing Sweet As! Pacific Ale and Derek got his grilled cheese. The food was pretty good. 

We were in the mood for some more upscale cocktails so we went in search for a classier joint offering something delicious. We found a place called Tear Drop that made delicious cocktails and had friendly staff. The drinks were upper class, but the atmosphere made everyone feel comfortable. I got a drink called the Saving Grace which was fruity and sweet. Derek had another Old Fashioned. 

We ended out night at a gay bar called Scandals right near our hotel. It was a fun joint, and the drinks were pretty generous. There was some cool local art hanging on the walls, and the place had a good vibe to it. I ordered the Moscow Mule, and the bartender did not hold back on the vodka! 

Day 2 
We started off day two needing to get a little fuel. We had a lot we wanted to pack into a day in Portland, as we knew we had to get up at 4am the next morning to leave. We decided on breakfast at a place called Cheryl's on 12th. The food was really good. I got the Portuguese fried rice. Derek got the pancakes. We shared the mini donuts, that came like bread on the table. 

After breakfast, we burned some calories and walked down to the river. When we got there, we had the most perfect view of Mount Hood. The weather was perfect, and you could make it out amazingly in the blue sky. It was beautiful. We were told we were lucky to have the weather we had and to be able to see it. I couldn't believe there was this backdrop of this beautiful mountain in the background of this amazing city. 

We also got to see the Portland Sign! It was pretty neat! 

After getting a iced coffee, we walked to 10 Barrel to grab some drinks. It was a gorgeous day, and we were looking forward to drinking on the deck. We found a couple seats at the bar and got some beers. I got something with Grapefruit. Our bar tender was quite unfriendly, but we didn't let that deter us from the sun and good beer. We got a couple beers and enjoyed the atmosphere. It was super busy and people were out and ready to drink. 

I was so excited to try some steam buns, so we made our way to this area in Portland that had tons and tons of food trucks and carts. Most of the food was Asian cuisine, which was good, because I was in search of some steam buns! I was able to find some, a food that is rare on the east coat. I was also able to get some dumplings. I got a pork steam bun and a chicken steam bun. I liked the pork, but didn't like the BBQ in the chicken. For dumplings I went to the Dump Truck. I liked the pork and the portobello mushroom, but didn't think much of the curry. 

After food trucks, we decided to take an uber out of downown to Ecliptic. Ecliptic was a pretty awesome place. We were able to get seats out at the picnic tables in the sunshine. We got a couple beers and hung out as it started to set in that our hours in Portland were numbered. The beers were excellent. I loved my Peach Sour, it was delicious. 

After beers we walked to Mississippi Ave, a pretty awesome place in Portland. The street was lined with shops and restaurants. We wished we had another day in Portland, because we would have liked to have had a full day on Mississippi Ave. We walked around a little bit and found a little spot called The Rambler for dinner and drinks. I got the fish tacos and Derek got a brownie Sunday. I washed mine down with a margarita. 

To end the night, Derek ordered cookies to our hotel from a place called Cookies After Dark. Derek got classic chocolate chip, and they even had vegan chocolate chip for me! They were so good, and what we all needed after a long day. 

Portland was awesome. I wish we had had more time there. I would have liked 2 full days to explore the city and one more day just for Mississippi Ave. I'm hoping one day we will get to go back and explore it a little more. 

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