New England Antique Road Trip: Day 2: Great Barrington, MA; Bennington, VT and Wilmington, VT

Wednesday, September 06, 2017

Derek and I took a Antique Road Trip through New England this summer. Our previous post highlights Day 1, in which we went to Putnam, Ct and Westfield, MA. We set off on the trip with two missions, buy all the antiques for our new house and drink all the craft beer.

On day 2 we woke up in out hotel room at Mountain View Motel in Great Barrington, MA. The motel was very comfortable. There were no flashy lights or glitter, the the room provided what we needed for a restful night's sleep. The owner was very kind, and even stayed up late for us to check in past midnight.

We woke up hungry, so we headed to downtown Great Barrington and went to GB Eats. It was a cool little restaurant that had a downtown feel mixed with a coffee shop atmosphere. The food was amazing. Derek got the waffle and toast and I got the Huevos Rancheros. The only other time I have had this dish was in Spain, and it was comparable to the real thing. It was delicious. The food was homemade and tasty.

After dinner we decided to walk off our calories and take a stroll around downtown. The town was so cute, and had a lot to offer. There were cute little vintage shops and coffee shops. There was a really neat re-purpose store that had beautiful stuff but was a bit overpriced for us. We found this cool wall where people could write what they wish they had the courage to do. It was a pretty cool piece.

After walking around downtown, we made our way outside of the town going south. There were a few antique shops within just miles of the downtown.

Berkshire Great Finds was a really neat shop. They had a ton of vintage goods all in our cost range and is where we made the first purchase of the day. We bought a wrought Iron hanging plant basket that we put up in our guest room. I would say that this was our favorite store in Great Barrington.

We got as south as Sheffield and went to a place called The Painted Porch. They had two buildings, a main building and a barn. They had a lot of cool larger pieces. Though we weren't looking for anything large, Derek and I loved reading all the tags, which displayed where the piece was from, the year it was made and what it was originally used for. I love when shops attache the history to the piece because it isn't always obvious.

Mix on Main was also a really neat place in Sheffield. This store had some reasonably priced items. The pieces were beautiful, and most were from the mid century, more appropriate for someone with mid century or eclectic taste. I love mid century, and was tempted by some pieces, but it didn't fit the farmhouse style we wanted for our home.

Susan Silver Antiques had some beautiful pieces, but everything was very expensive and a little fancy for what we were looking for. Still, it was fun to look around.

We turned ourselves around North and headed back into town. The farmers market was going on and we walked around, looking at the products. We walked around and found a couple more little shops that had some cool home decor that was a bit newer.

On our way out towards Lenox we stopped at Chelsea's and Co in GB. This was a cute barn antique store that had a lot that kept our interest. They had more smaller antiques, perfect for decorating your home, and exactly what we were looking for. We bought an antique kitchen sifter and measuring cup made out of tin. Both are super cute and now act as decorative pieces in our kitchen.

We drove through the towns of Lenox and Pitsfield not really seeing much that caught our eye. I was also in the mood for a nice cold craft brew at this time also. So, we stopped in at Wandering Star Brewery. Just a small brewery in a garage, it has to be one of my favorite breweries of all time. The staff behind the bar was friendly and the beer was so incredibly good. For just $3, Derek and I shared a full flight, sampling 6 beers. Derek's favorite was Loopy Juice, noting it was one of the best IPAs he has had. I loved the Twisted Sour and the Saison. Both were incredible. The sour was juicy and salty, and the saison was almost creamy it was so smooth. Derek and I bought all three beers to take home with us.

After filling up on some amazing brew, we headed to Vermont. We stopped over in Bennington first, where we hit up one of our favorite restaurants, Madison Brewing Company. Derek stops here when he is hiking, and brought me up once. We knew the beer and food was good, so we had to come back. I ordered the Shepherds Pie and washed it down with a beer that tasted like a lemon drop. Derek ordered the grilled cheese and finished it off with a Downtown IPA.  Everything was delicious.

After dinner we checked out the The Antiques Center at Camelot Village. This store was huge and had something for everyone. There was a ton of stuff ranging from furniture to knick knacks. I came close to buying a desk for a vanity, but didn't want to take up all the room in our car. In the end, we walked out empty handed.

We decided Bennington didn't have much for us for the night, and we decided to go to our inn in Wilmington. We drove out to Wilmington, thinking it would just be a place where we would stay. When we got to the Wilmington Inn, we were extremely happy. This was our favorite place we stayed on the trip. The Inn was beautiful, it was centrally located, and the owners were amazing and friendly. Check out our blog post on the Wilminton Inn here. 

After checking in, we walked downtown to get some drinks as a placed called Cask and Kiln Kitchen. Cask and Kiln Kitchen was a fancy restraunt, but we sat at the far for cocktails. After our drinks, when we were leaving, we realized they had an upstairs lounge. Well, we will have to check that out the next time we go because we loved it! Derek said he had one of the top 5 Old Fashioneds he has ever had. It was well balanced and perfectly spiced. The bar tender himself loves the drink and wanted to make a good one for Derek. I got a cocktail that had St. Germaine and I think it was named after a woman (Eileen maybe). It was also delicious and had a bit of cucumber in it, so it was a refreshing summer cocktail.

We finished out our night munching on snacks and sipping on drinks next to the campfire at the Wilmington Inn. We had a great second day on our road trip.

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