Mass Fermentational

Sunday, October 01, 2017

For my 31st birthday, Derek took me to Mass Fermentational. The event was put on by the Massachusetts Craft Brewer's Guild and held in Worcester on September 16th from 1 to 5. In the 4 hours, you could sample unlimited 2 oz pours from any of the 56 breweries and buy food from any one of the delicious food trucks.

Let's talk about the venue first, located on the common out back of the city hall, the brew fest was well laid out and organized. There was a large tent on the steps that housed a good portion of the breweries, and then other breweries were lined up outside in the lawn. Food trucks lined the outer edged of the festival. There was plenty of room to move and get from brew to brew. The lines were not too long, and your could move from beer to beer pretty quickly. The longest line was for Tree House, and I think we only waited in line for 2 minutes. It was probably one of the best organized events I have been to.

The food was delicious. I tried an empanada from a food truck called Sabor Latino! It was so good, and was exactly what I needed with my beer. I would have loved to try everything else on this food truck as it was good, and the owner was friendly.

I also had some chili cheese fries from a truck called Travelin' Bones. I couldn't believe the mountain of fries I got from them. They were good, but I had a hard time finishing.

The beer didn't disappoint either. I was there for the sours, and got more than my fair share.

The first beer I tried was Passion fruit Sour Planet, a Berliner Weisse from Aeronaut Brewing Company. I liked the peach taste in it, and I noted that it was pukery. I gave this beer a 4 on Untaped.

Next, I moved to a Pumpkin Ale by Amherst Brewing to switch things up a bit. I noted that this beer was very light and crisp, and I gave it a 4.25 on Untaped.

The Sweet Potato Farmhouse Ale, a Saison from Big aLICe Brewing Co. was one of the more unique beers I had at the event. I have had a sweet potato beer once more before, and this one didn't disappoint. I noted that it had a lot of spice forward notes and tasted like fall. I gave it a 4.

My favorite of the day was the Sour Cherry Gose from Flying Dreams Brewing Co. It's one of the best sours I have ever had. It tasted almost creamy, like cherries and cream. It was also a nice pink color and was balanced nice on the tongue. I rated it a 4.75.

The Summer Jam, a sour ale from Barreled Souls Brewing Company was also delicious. I rated it a 4.25. It was very light and fruity, and tasted like it was titled, like jam.

Finding Catharsis, a sour ale, from True West Brewing Company was a 3.25 beer. I didn't have many notes on it, but I remember thinking it was a bit tart to finish.

Poive Raz, a sour ale, by Springdale Barrel Room was rated a 3.5. I noted that this one was a little tart too. I typically like other beers from Springdale, and did end up buying a bottle later and enjoying it at home.

The star of the day was Tree House! Derek and I didn't realize they were going to be there, but we were excited to find out they were. Tree House makes the only IPAs I have ever liked in my life. Typically, they are too much for me, and I wrinkle my nose at them. I tried both Julius and Haze. I gave Julius a 4.5 and Haze a 5. Both were citrusy and smooth and so easy to drink. I need to get my hands on some, stat.

Lady Vacay, a blonde ale, was next from Bent Water Brewing Company. I rated it a 3.75, noting that it was a great and easy beer for day drinking. It was salty, but only a touch, so it went down easy.

Zorro, a sour ale, by Big Elm Brewing was a 3.5. I thought it tasted a lot like apple juice, so it was a little too sweet for my liking.

I then tried a Pale Sour Ale by Brewery Ommegang. It was decent, but again, tasted like apple juice. I I gave it a 3.5.

Ronde, a blonde ale, by 3cross Brewing Company is a blond ale that tasted like summer. It was light and refreshing, and it had an amazing apricot finish. We have been to the brewery before in Worcester, and it's pretty amazing. Derek had to buy a water bottle from them, especially since they are a bike themed bar.

I tested out the Blackberry Wheat, a fruit beer from Merrimack Ales as my last beer of the date. I gave it a solid 3.75, noting that it was a little tart, but the sweetness did come through a little.

This was one of my favorite beer tasting events. We plan to go back again next year, hopefully with friends. It was well laid out, there were tons of amazing breweries that we had never had before, and there was some amazing food! Can't wait to go back!

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