Food Truck Fridays at Nashoba Valley Winery: Shuck Truck

Sunday, May 06, 2018

This summer, Nashoba Valley Winery is doing Food Truck Fridays. On Friday evenings, they are inviting food trucks to come to the beautiful brewery and serve to their patrons. The first one of the summer was this Friday, and it was the Shuck Truck. Oysters on a half shell AND wine? How could I miss that?! 

We have been to Nashoba a few times. It's right near our house, and it's a beautiful outdoor facility. When family comes to visit, we like to bring them here because there is plenty of outdoor seating. You can get a wine tasting or buy a bottle of your favorite wine, spirit or beer. You can even bring your own food. So, when I found out they would be pairing up with food trucks this summer, I was instantly excited. 

This was also our first time bringing out new puppy Eleanor. It's hard to find wineries and breweries that allow dogs, so having one so close to us is a real treat. When we got to the winery, Eleanor was so excited! There were at least 10-15 puppies there at any given time, including a winery dog! All the puppies were well behaved and had so much fun playing with each other. 

I went inside and bought a bottle of the Estate Cabernet Franc. This is Derek's favorite at the winery, and one of my favorites also. This wine is fruity, and light on the tongue. It's got a good punch to it. I later found out that the deck was serving up sangria, and I can't wait to try that the next time we go, because there will be a next time! 

After grabbing a bottle, I got in line for the food truck. The event ran from 4-7pm and we got there around 4:30. The line was short, and I only waited about 5-10 minutes. I ordered the Peruvian Style Shrimp Ceviche and a half dozen oysters (3 Riptides and 3 Duxburys). I got my Ceviche at purchase, and only had to wait about 10 minutes for my oysters. 

The Ceviche was amazing! It was so fresh, and the lime popped, making this dish perfect for a hot summer day. The tostadas served with it added a perfect crunch to the dish. They obviously used fresh, high quality ingredients. This dish was so popular that it sold out right before the end of the night! 

The oysters were also very good. I put a little hot sauce on mine and sprinkled with cocktail sauce and lemon. They were fresh like the ceviche and the perfect balance of sweet and briney. 

After finishing up our food, we finished up our first bottle and opened a second. This time, we went for the Malbec. This wine was also very good. For me, it had notes of plums and cherries and made my tongue tingle. I liked this wine a lot. 

We both left saying that we now had new summer plans, to attend the Food Truck Friday every week! We will definitely be back to try the other food trucks and drink some more wine. It's bound to be a great summer. 

You can find the schedule for the other food truck dates on the Nashoba Valley Winery website. The schedule includes an encore of Shuck Truck! 

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