Pro.Found Vintage Market: Lancaster, MA

Sunday, June 17, 2018

On June 9th and 10th, Kalon Farms in Lancaster, MA hosted the spring Pro.Found Vintage Market. We missed last year's market, so we were pretty pumped to go this year. The market was made up of vintage antique booths, food trucks, and live music. There was also coffee and lemonade booths.

The whole event was pretty organized. We bought our tickets ahead of time, so we were quick checked in. You could also purchase tickets the day of.

There were tons of people there, so we did have to park up on a hill in the farm. The market was quite crowded. It was pretty easy to move throughout the market, but the individual booths were packed because there were so many great antiques.

There was a good mix of raw antiques vs upcycled antiques. There were also some vendors selling handmade items like candles, clothing  and soap. The prices were pretty reasonable, and we didn't really see anyone asking for crazy prices.

There was also a good mix of food trucks and drink booths. Derek waited in line for lemonade which was perfect for the hot day that it was. The lemonade booth had a huge line due to the high demand.

We also got lunch from one of the food trucks, Sabor Latino. I went to the truck right as it opened so I only had to wait 10 minutes from getting in line to food in hand. I ordered the Cuban sandwich with fries. The sandwich was massive, and I couldn't eat it all. Is was delicious though. Derek had the fries, which were some of my favorite food truck fries.

We went to the market hoping to find an island for our kitchen, but they didn't have any. There were only a couple booths selling large furniture. He did leave with a bucket made of an old artillery shell that we are going to use as a flower pot, and a wall ruler. Both items together cost less than $50 at the same booth.

We enjoyed the market and will definitely be back in the fall! The market will run September 22nd and 23rd. We definitely recommend it for a fun day outside that the whole family can enjoy.

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