Seacoast Food Truck and Craft Beer Festival

Sunday, June 24, 2018

On Father's Day this year, we went to the Seacoast Food Truck and Craft Beer Festival in Somersworth, NH. It was put on my the Food Truck Festivals of America. We didn't get to go to the first one last year, so we were excited to try it out this year.

We got a beautiful day for it! The event was very well organized. We were able to get in quickly with our prepaid tickets, which cost $5. It was $10 at the door. All the food trucks were spread out in downtown Somersworth, so there was plenty of room to walk around. 

The beer tents were all organized together, making it easy to see all the options when grabbing a cold one.

One thing that we were impressed by is how short the lines for food were and how fast we got to order and get food. Usually at these festivals, you wait in line for 30 minutes to an hour to get food! I don't think we waited more that 5 minutes at any truck. It was hands down the most well organized and smoothly running food truck festival I gave been too.

Let's talk about the beer first! We each bought 2 beer tickets (I later went back for a third) for $6 each. I started off with Rustique Hoppy Farmhouse Ale by Henniker Brewing Company. It was crisp and refreshing on a hot day. It wasn't too hoppy, which was good because I don't like the after taste in anything too hoppy. I was pleased with my choice.

Derek started with a Summer Session from Peak Organic Brewing Company, which he said nice and refreshing for a hot day.

We both tried the Pink Lemonade Shandy by UFO Beers. This will be a summer favorite of mine. This beer was amazingly refreshing. I loved the lemonade taste that wasn't too sweet. It also wasn't too sour. I need to find this one in stores.

Now let's talk about the food!

I started off with some raw oysters at Shuckin Truck. They had a great deal, 3 for $5. The oysters were HUGE! They were Briney and sweet. I loved that they were shucking them right out in the open under a tent too!

Next, I needed something with a little more substance. I found a truck called Chef Koz's Crescent City Kitchen. This truck specializes in Cajun, Creole, and Caribbean food. I ordered the Cajun Shrimp Taco. The taco cost $9, but it was well worth the cost. The shrimp was succulent and had the perfect amount of spice. I loved the sauces, and the juices were just dripping from each bite. It was honestly one of the better tacos I have had.

Derek started off with a bowl of French fries from Kody's. They were traditional fair fries, which we always look forward to at fair season.

I was in a fry mood too, so I went to the Melt food truck and ordered the traditional Poutine. This was the best poutine I have had. The gravy was delicious, sweet and flavor forward. The cheese curds were melted on top, which I wasn't too sure about at first, but I liked it better than just sprinkling the cheese curds.

It was time for dessert next. I had my eye on the Frozen Hoagies truck, which had a vegan Salted Caramel ice cream. I ordered the 1/2 Hogie which was only $4 and consisted of one cookie and a scoop of ice cream of your choice. I got the vegan Salted Caramel with a Snickerdoodle cookie. The combination was good both together and on it's own.

Derek had been eyeing the Whoo(pie) Wagon since the beginning of the festival. He got the Chocolate Chip Whoopie Pie which he said was delicious. He said it was nice and cold too, which he appreciated because of the heat that day.

We had a great time at the festival and will definitely be back again next year. It was well organized, had a great mix of food trucks offering something of everything, and had a good mix of beer too! We cant wait for the next one!

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