Seacoast Microbrew Festival

Thursday, July 19, 2018

We grew up in the Seacoast area, close to Dover NH. So when we got word of the Seacoast Microbrew Festival, we had to go. We bought tickets for $35 for the second session, which was from 6-9. That $35 bought us a really cute tasting glass and unlimited tastings.

The festival was very organized and well set up. There were two large tents that each had breweries running adjacent to one of the sides. There were about 20 breweries, all from the Seacoast area. There were also two food trucks, an oyster stand and another food stand. There was a live band playing. What we were most impressed with is that they capped ticket sales so it wasn't overcrowded. I didn't have to wait behind more than one or two people in any line.

For food, I decided to the poutine from The Poutine Co food truck. I got the classic which came with just fries, cheese curds and gravy. It was delicious. Derek even went back for a side of fries!

Okay, now let's talk beer.

Here are my tasting notes from what I tried: 

Loaded Question Brewing Company's Shooting star Saison: I rated this beer a  3/5 noting that it was  nice and crisp and a good summer drinking beer.

Earth Eagle Brewings' Monkey Weed: I really liked this beer and gave it a 4/5. It was fruity and I got some grapefruit hints in it. I would love to get my hands on this beer again.

Tributary Brewing Company's Beir de Meil. I gave this one a 3/5. It was pretty complex. I noted some caramel and banana notes in it.

Chapel + Main's  Tropical Dependence: I noted that this one was crisp with hints of lemongrass. I gave it a 3/5.

North Country Hard Cider's Fire Starter. This was one of my favorite sips of the night. I gave this cider a  5/5. I noted that it tasted like Christmas, cinnamon and fruity. The pomegranate was balanced well.  I usually don't go for ciders at brewfests, but this one was intriguing. 
Pineapple Thunder: I gave this one a 3/5. This cider was more sweet and had a strong tropical taste. The cilantro was mild. 

Garrison City Beerwork's Spindrift: This Gose was another favorite. I gave it a  4/5.  The balance of lemon and salt was perfect! I love a good Gose, and would love to drink more of this.

SoMe Brewing Co's  Nubble Weisse: This was my favorite beer of the night. This Berliner Weiss tasted of strawberry and banana. I gave it a 5/5.

Stoneface Brewing's Berliner Weiss Raspberry: I love their stuff every time we go to their brewery. I gave this one a  3/5  noting it was sweet and very razz.

Throwback Brewery's Rhubarb Wit: I gave this one a 3/5. I noted that it was  very mild with the Rhubarb flavor. It was a nice, crisp summer sipper.

Portsmouth Brewery's Passion Fruit Sour: Another favorite. I rated it  5/5. This one made the tongue tingle. The Passion fruit flavor was a punch in the mouth.

Woodland Farm Brewery's Ruby Slippers Berliner Weiss Raspberry: I loved this one too! I gave it a  5/5. I noted that it was nice and crisp, and tastes of fresh raspberries.

Beara Brewing Co's Outer Limits: This was the only Double  IPA I tried. I liked it and gave it a 4/5. I noted that there was no skunky after taste. It was nice and sweet.

Neighborhood Beer Co's Bronze: my first Bronze beer. I gave  it a 4/5 noting that it was malty.

Bad Lab Beer Co's Trillion Lights Wit: I gave this one a 3/5 noting that it was crisp and tasted like summer.

Derek's favorite were:

Great Rhythm Brewing Company's Squeeze and Tropical IPA: Derek gave these two beers a 4/5. He said they were both really drinkable and flavorful and had no bitterness.

Deciduous Brewing Company's IPA: he gave this one a 4/5. There was a good hop profile and you were able to taste each of the different hops without being too hoppy.

While at the festival we were also able to meet up with our friend Don from the Brew Bus. We got to hear about the new tours being offered. We are going to sign up for one hopefully this year! We also played Trivia by spinning the trivia wheel and won! It was fun. We for some cute koozies to bring home.Brew Bus is in Maine, Massachusetts and Rhode Island

All in all, this was a great festival and we will be back. Great beer, a well organized venue and good food created a pretty great event.

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